Champion Digelsa Double Entendre JW ShCM


06.10.2006  -  13.03.2014

"Manchester Terrier Challenge Certificate Breed Record Holder - 30 CC's"


Awaiting p                                    hoto

Ch Calastoa Starlight
Ch Brookstream Beamish Airworth Indiana Jones with Keyline
Ch Brookstream Babycham
 Terworth Barley Twist at Brookstream Ch Brookstream  Blueprint
Eaglespur Cinquefoil
Digelsa Dynasty Ch Digelsa Don The One Ch Keyline Vengeance
Digelsa Dollymixture
Digelsa Double Wammy Ch Harkeats Gunner General
Digelsa Definately Maybe
OB: 1, Oxley's Ch Digelsa Double Entendre, certainly the best Manchester Terrier I have seen for some years,
her overall quality in all departments screams out at you, add to that her expression, coat, colour, condition & movement par excellence
& you have the finished article. No wonder then that she is knocking at the door of the breed record and picking up hugely deserved accolades.
In my opinion she is BOB by some margin & an excellent ambassador for the breed. CC & BOB.
Judge - Mr Roger Wright.   Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show  -  August 2009


Roxy's story started with these two 


  -  Ch Calastoa Star Light  (Digger)
                                                                  Big thanks to Stuart & Carol Morris
Dam  -  Digelsa Dynasty  (Alice)                                                  


This is Alice showing how her gestation progressed
 4 weeks                                                              6 weeks                                                            7 weeks

8 weeks                                                                          9 weeks                                                   first contractions

       Dru, Bobby and Roxy just
One day old, Roxy is on the right

                                                                                                2 weeks  Roxy is on the right

Bobby and Roxy just

Who would have thought what was to come ?
      Little Roxy, Table training at 7 weeks



                                                                                                               12 weeks, relaxing watching the tv.

    12 weeks, more table training
     You can now see the forchest 
and rear angulation starting to develop


National Terrier 2007 Roxy's first Show,           
just 6 months                                      



         Bakewell Premier Show

         Puppy Group 1

         Reserve Best Puppy In Show

10 months old. Fun weekend 2007          

          Darlington Championship show 2007
                       Best Puppy in Breed
                     Terrier Puppy Group 2
                   Judge - Mr Bryn Cadogan


BMTC Championship show 2007           
12 Months on the day                      
Best Puppy in Show, Res CC                
Judge - Mrs B O'Neill                       

          At 12 months old Roxy crashed into
           the greenhouse  feet first, we were
          very lucky. The emergency Vet  was
          brilliant and with micro surgery, you
             can hardly see the scars.


BMTC Open Show 2008             
Best Opposite Sex                   
Judge - Ms Carol Wicker             




          Starting to mature at 21 months.


BMTC Championship Show 2008          
"Best in Show"                            
Judge - Mrs Gill Knight                               



BMTC  OPen Show 2009 - Best in Show
Ch Digelsa Double Entendre JW ShCM
                                              I have watched this young lady since she was a pup, she has never altered, only to get better and better
 perfection or as close as you can get, excellent head, ear carriage, crest of neck, front, shoulder, top-line need I continue !!
Moved in unison with master as though they owned the ring.
Judge  :  Mrs Deliah Hemsell


At the Yorkshire Sporting Terrier  open show in Feb 2008,  Roxy went  "Best In Show"

That qualified her for the National Terrier "Dog of the Year" finals at their Championship show in April 2009

Roxy went on to beat the  "Best of the Best"  to win the final, a great honour for us and the breed too




It was a pleasure and honour indeed to be the �secret judge� for this innovative and prestigious event.


I had before me a selection of quality specimens, which goes to prove that terrier fanciers up and down the country are using there knowledge and expertise in breeding healthy, typical stock which will be a credit to the world of dogs in particular and to society in general.


1st Oxley�s CH DIGELSA DOUBLE ENTENDRE JW Sh CM�.Lovely Manchester with an expression to die for and winning her 15th CC on the day. Typical and of top quality make & shape. Presented in hard condition as the finished article in coat of excellent colour, body and muscletone, she looked & felt as fit as a flea. As true as they come she never put a foot wrong and well deserved the accolade: Open Show Dog of the Year.


Roger Wright (Judge)


Roxy had some great success at Group level too in 2009.

At Three Counties Championship show in June 2009 Roxy went BOB under Miss Joanne Beales and the Terrier Group 4 under Mr Max King

At Bournemouth Championship show in August 2009 Roxy went BOB under Mrs Judy Averis and then Terrier Group 4 under Miss Jenny Miller

At City of Birmingham Championship show in September Roxy went one better

She went BOB under Mr Jack Watson and then Terrier Group 3 under Mrs Sue McCourt

              Roxy isn't just a "show dog", first and foremost she is our family  pet and lives in the house with us and the other dogs. She also visits my Mum regularly in her care home as unfortunately she is ill with Alzheimer's. Roxy brings a ray of light into the residents eyes when she walks in, they all like to stroke her and she loves it too.


*Roxy Wins -  Best In Show  at the National Terrier Open Show Dog Of The Year* 



"Digelsa" did the "CC" double at Crufts  in 2009

Ch  Digelsa Dig Deep at Brockenella JW ShCM  &  Ch Digelsa Double Entendre JW ShCM 

Judge - Mr Mike West


Our sideboard showing some of the most prestigious BMTC Trophies on offer

 BOB Manchester  -   BIS BMTC Open Show  -  BOB Crufts  -  BIS BMTC CH Show  -  Knox Trophy


Ch Digelsa Double Entendre BOB Crufts 2012       Her daughter      Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu  Best Puppy Crufts 2012



We retired Roxy after her Best of Breed at Cruft's

62 Championship shows

56 firsts

     4 seconds

  2 thirds

30 CC's  - 18 Best of Breeds - 9 res CC's

She did us proud !





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