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We are based in United Kingdom . 

Our principal activity is the welfare of our own dogs and supporting those friends and owners who ask for our advice.
We have a breeding program that supports quality, soundness and good temperament in line with the Kennel Club Breed standard.
Ultimately aiming for "Fit For Function Fit For Life" 
We support the British Manchester Terrier Club and follow their recommendations, rules and Code of Ethics.
We are registered with the UK Kennel Club as part of their accredited breeders scheme.
We hope you enjoy our site and follow the news of our Digelsa Manchester Terriers.

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Having designed and developed the website myself I believe the information I have provided on my dogs/breeding to be accurate and reliable
However, I can not endorse the accuracy or reliability of other content or details that I have included out of my own remit.
I also recommend that you clarify details obtained from other websites for accuracy and reliability. 

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